Evergreen Image

photo by Ellen Crane
Evergreen (2009) Inspired by a painting of a violent storm brewing over a single blade of grass, this work examines moments on the brink – some bend at an adversary and bounce back. Evergreen reflects on this potent resiliency in nature and pursues this elusive quality.
From (2009) A quartet finds itself lost in a forest of heartbreak where the magic of communication and connection brings the realization that… some breaking is building. From Image

photo by Heather Kemp
Wide Asleep Image

photo by Heather Kemp
Wide Asleep (2009) A comedic exploration of the peculiar disjointed ideas that manifest within those half-awake wee morning hours during which you have suddenly been caught in a fleeting, inexplicable world of uncertainty, embarrassment, and mystery. There you discover you are half-dressed, running to nowhere, carrying oranges while your feet turn into water and it seems completely plausible.
Formula (2011) is an escalating layering of duets set to Zoe Keating’s optimistic looping cello composition “Sun will Set.” Insistent melodies and inventive links reinforce the necessity of allies as the best medicine for progress. Formula Image

photo by Yi-Chun Wu